Fish curry recipe – How to make mustard fish curry with mustard oil

Hello friends. Welcome to Anupma’s Kitchen. Today we will make Bihari style Mustard Fish curry. To make this, I have taken Rohu fish – half kg. Cleaned and washed.

In Bihari style fish curry we use Mustard. If you wish you can take yellow Mustard. Here I have taken split Mustard or mustard daal. Split Mustard because grinding it is easy.

You can take whole mustard seeds even. Here it is two tablespoonfuls. Apart from this, we have dry coriander powder, Turmeric powder, Salt, once inch piece of ginger – grated, 10-12 cloves of garlic, Red chilli powder and one medium-sized tomato – cut into large-sized pieces. For garnishing, we have taken finely chopped green coriander and green chillies.

Marination of Mustard Fish curry

To make this, first of all, we will marinate the fish. To marinate we will add Salt, turmeric powder, a little coriander powder and a little red chilli powder.

After adding all, we will mix these well, and after mixing, we will leave it for 10-15 minutes to marinate. If you think that you need to make it instantly, then it is not necessary to marinate.

You can directly go for frying after mixing these. After mixing the spices well, now we leave it for marination for 15 minutes so that the spices enter the fish.

Preparing paste for Mustard Fish curry

The other preparation that we have to do now is because it is split Mustard it is hard to grind, so we soak it in a little water for the same 15 minutes so that it becomes soft.

The further procedure we will do after 15 minutes Mustard has soaked. Now we will add a little water to it and strain it.

We will take this daal in mixie. Now we will add garlic, grated ginger and also add a little water to it. The water that we discarded before was to wash the mustard daal to make it clean.

Now we will wet grind it to a fine paste. When it is done, we will keep it aside for a while.

Frying of Mustard Fish

Now we will fry the fish. We will heat oil in a wok (Kadhai). In Bihar, all the vegetable or curry preparation is done in mustard oil.

So here also we will use mustard oil. If you want to make typical Bihari style fish, then you too use mustard oil. We will take only that much oil in which we can fry the fish and then use it for frying the ground spices for gravy.

Because after frying the fish, it is tough to use the leftover oil for other dishes. When the oil is ready, we will add the fish. Always fry the fish on high flame. Do not lower the flame.

It cooks very fast. We have to fry the fish till it turns deep golden brown/red so that it becomes crispy from outside. It can be eaten directly too, after frying we will take it out.

Likewise, we will fry the rest of the fish pieces. Any fish can be taken for the gravy that we are making. Rohu fish has scales.

If you are making any such fish which has scales, then it can be fried directly without any fear. If you are making any such fish which does not have scales and is smooth from the outside like Singhara fish etc.

Then, in that case, you have to take precaution because those kinds of fish can explode while frying so. They should be covered while frying and with great care.

Although that kind of fish does not have fine bones. So those who fear such fine bones can eat those kinds of fish which do not have scales. When all the pieces have been fried, you will observe how yummy these are looking.

Preparation of gravy for Mustard Fish Curry

Now we have to prepare its gravy. For making gravy, the ground paste of Mustard, garlic and ginger that we had taken is wet. So in this wet masala(spice), we will add rest of the spices too like little Salt.

We had also added Salt to the fish marinate, so we have to take care and add Salt only for the gravy masala. Now we will add red chilli powder. Add this as per your taste.

Now add two tablespoonfuls coriander powder. Coriander powder will add to its taste. Also, add one teaspoon turmeric powder to it. Mix all to make the dry spices wet because if we add the dry powder directly to the oil, it will get burnt.

So we make it wet by mixing it into a ground paste. We don’t need any tempering. Add the spices directly to the oil to fry because it has Mustard.

We will not fry the spices too much. Have to fry the spices at the max up to 3-4 minutes. If we fry it too much, Mustard will turn bitter.

When it is done, we will now add water to it. You can add water as per your liking of gravy being thick or thin. If you want to eat it with rice which is called machi-bhaat(fish-rice), then keep the gravy thin.

If else you wish to eat it with directly with roti or paratha then keep the gravy thick. Now we will wait for fo it to boil.

Final preparation of Mustard Fish curry

When it starts boiling, we will add fish to it and simultaneously we will add tomatoes to it. Fish is already cooked. We will wait for it to lose its crispiness and become soft and the tomatoes to become tender, and till that time only we will boil the gravy.

We will cover and cook it for 2-3 minutes. Check whether the tomatoes have become tender or not. When it is done, and fish has also become soft, we will add half of the green coriander to it and also the green chillies.

Turn off the gas and serve it. Our awesome mustard fish curry is ready. Garnish it with the leftover chopped green coriander.

Share this delicious and mouthwatering Mustar Fish curry with your family and friends. If you have liked this recipe, don’t forget to leave your valuable comments in the comment box.

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